Making Magic…
                                                                 …one stitch at a time.

I’m a craft loving engineering student and a crochet designer wannabe. I’m an animal loving humanist and a fantasy loving realist. I find aesthetic in chaos and magic in real life. My name is Barbara and you probably want to be my friend. 🙂

In October 2014, I discovered crocheting and fell in love with it at a first puff-stitch crochet flower I made. I was so proud how it turned out so I kept making those flowers any chance I got. My grandma was an amazing crocheter but she’s 82 now and has really bad eyesight. I missed my opportunity to learn from her so I’m completely self taught but I always find inspiration in her crochet works. Grandma mostly made doilies, tablecloths, clothing or accessories but I discovered amigurumi and it became my main crochet interest. Since I was getting many compliments on my work and some people actually called me talented, I decided to share my crocheting with the world, and now, here we are…


The Magic Loop is for everyone who is looking for crochet inspiration and wants to share his or hers love for all things handmade. Crochet connects people from all around the world. I’m from Croatia and English is not my first language, so you’ll probably notice some grammar mistakes or syntax errors, I apologize for those. I also understand some German, Spanish and Italian, so you are welcome to write in those languages if you’re having trouble with English, I’m sure we’ll understand each other well.

I like sharing my own patterns and designs for free but we all know how expensive yarn can be… So, support my crochet addiction, visit my Etsy or Ravelry shop and treat yourself with some patterns, or simply help this website grow by sharing its content.

Nice to meet you and, please, come again! 🙂

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