Anyone can contribute to this website. As English is not my first language, you will probably notice lots of grammatical errors. If you spot something that is misspelled or should be changed, send me an e-mail ([email protected]). If I find your contribution helpful in a few occasions, I’ll find a way to thank you (by sending you some of my premium patterns for free, mentioning your business in my posts, etc.).

If you did some translating from English to your own language for some other designers, or you think you could be good at it, and you would like to offer me translating services, you should also contact me.

If you already made some items using my patterns, please, send me a photo, I will publish it here, and on some of my social media pages.

Interested in testing my patterns? Here’s what you should do:

  • follow me on Facebook, when I need testers, I make a post asking for them.
  • send me an e-mail ([email protected]), containing following information: your name (link to your crochet related Facebook page, if you own one), name of the pattern you want to test, level of your crochet experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert), and number of years of experience crocheting, some photos of your work.


  • should be able to read a crochet pattern
  • should be able to spot grammatical errors (English is not my first language so there will always be some)
  • should be available to give updates along the way and respond to my emails within 24 hours
  • should be able to spot pattern instruction errors and give suggestions on how to correct the error
  • should be able to take photos of the finished item. You can take them with your phone, as long as it is in focus and has a good lighting, preferably daylight lighting, and shows all of the main features. Some of your photos will be shared on themagicloop.com and some of my social media pages.
  • MUST finish testing by the previously agreed deadline. If you question whether or not you can complete the project in the time specified, don’t accept the test.
You will not be paid for testing, but you’ll receive the pattern (that should be tested) for free. You should have your own supplies.
You should feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.


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